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Sponsors of Artist’s Bash 2023

Apply Here! 

Artist’s Bash is a community-based event! We currently do not have any loans or grants, so we fund AB completely out of pocket. Please consider assisting us with the cost that comes with creating a beautiful, unique experience.

If you can not afford a monetary donation but still want to help, please reach out!

Anything rented or loaned to Dynamic Pawz will be returned to you! We are accepting new or USED items!


ALL Sponsors will be given:

-  Advertisement through paid ads, digital flyers, flyer handouts, social media spotlight posts, signs, etc. 
- Sponsor lanyard & map of event
- A merch item created by Dynamic Pawz as a token of our appreciation 

Sponsor Tiers

Tier 1: $50 value or more will receive
meal voucher to use day of event (vegan options available) with one water bottle
Tier 2: $200 value or more will receive
meal voucher to use day of event (vegan options available) 
- 3 drink vouchers 
- pumpkin or gourd from our pumpkin patch
- $15 gift card to use day of event towards any handcrafted vendor


Activities that need supplies:

Kid Coloring Activity Tent

  • crayons, markers, paint, etc
  • Coloring sheets
  • Tables & chairs


  • we need decorations!


  • Looking for lots of pumpkins for our pumpkin patch!

Bounce House

  • Need monetary donation to book bounce house. Will provide receipt. 


  • We need generators for the bounce house, workshops, keeping food warm for guests, etc.
  • If we could rent or borrow your generator, we would love to discuss with you the specifics! Generators will be returned to you within two days after the event. 




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