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Board & Daycare

I have a fenced in yard & two very friendly pups. Board & Daycare, (also referred to as B&D), will consist of outdoor playtime, enrichment, nap time, & lots of love!

 Drop Off & Pick Up Timeframes:

6am to 9am &/or 4pm-7pm 

Structure of Dynamic Doggie Play

  • Guests will be let outside multiple times a day. All yard time is supervised. We love to spend quite a bit of time in the backyard. During colder months, breaks outside will be shorter but more frequent.
  • Outdoor Playgroups -  I can have up to 5 guests at one time. We have a close knit feel at Dynamic Doggie Play. I am very aware of dog behavior & signs. When a guest needs space or time out, they will get their own cool down area to relax for a little bit.
  • The pets have an Animal’s Room. This is where feeding happens 2x daily. The room has kennels, bedding, lounge areas, & holds all pet related items.

Nap time / Cool Down

  • There are times when I need to separate everyone to complete tasks. Some of those tasks are but are not limited to:
  • When my family brings groceries inside. I will put guests & my dogs in kennels or behind gates so we can safely bring items inside our house. Our doors will NEVER be wide open.
  • During my Meet & Greet with new clients, I will need to separate the guests I currently have to make sure everyone is safe while I am outside.
  • Nap Time: There are times throughout the day when we are on lounge mode. Dogs are not put in kennels for nap time. Before & after breakfast, I will take them outside. We try not to make too much noise in the early AM so after the 2nd potty break, we will come inside to lounge around. The living room has a nice couch & lots of beds & blankets for your pups to be as comfortable as possible!


What To Bring for Board & Daycare

  • Please bring your dog leashed up. I live on a very busy street & safety is always first. Your dog being leashed will also help me guide them inside the house. Some dogs can be nervous, especially their first time, so I may use my slip lead to make the process easier.
  • Please bring food container. Plastic bags are not allowed. I need the food to not smell too much through its container. I ask this because all food is kept in Animal’s Room. Some dogs may sense the food in the room & start resource guarding. Even if your pet doesn’t resource guard at home, they may react differently in a Home Daycare setting. Please bring all dog food in a resealable bag or container.
  • Medicine - All types of medicines or injections are allowed. I am very comfortable with administering meds. We will talk more about the instructions during Meet & Greet.


Bowls - I sanitize all bowls between dogs. It’s easier for me to keep track of my bowls. There are water bowls in different places around house. During hotter months, water is accessible outside.

Toys - I have plenty of toys for your pup to play with! It’s also hard for me to keep track of new toys. My two dogs also lovvee new toys so they will be destructive. If all guests are comfortable with each other to have toys accessible, we most definitely will! However, toys will be kept away from everyone if dogs get jealous. Dogs may react different in a Home Daycare setting than at home with their family.

Beds or Bedding - I also sanitize beds & bedding between dogs. Your dogs will be very comfortable with our set up!

Kennels - I have multiple kennels in the Animal’s Room. If your pet needs to sleep in a kennel at night, I have the space for them too. Please do not bring your own kennel.

Pet Clothing or Bandanas - Please do not dress your pup with bandanas or anything that hangs from their collar. Other guest dogs may pull on your dog while they are playing. 


How to Book with Dynamic Pawz: 

Contact Us Here

Fill out Contact Form & we will respond within a few business days. 

Email us at dynamicpawz@gmail.com

Dynamic Pawz books all Pet Services through DoTimely. 

Benefits of DoTimely:

- Report Card with pictures sent after each completed appointment 

- GPS tracking for walks 

- See full schedule of services booked 

- Can request, edit, or cancel appointments 24/7 on website or app 

- Automatic billing & invoices for completed appointments only