Feline Pet Care

The services I offer for felines are: 

Boarding - Your cat spends the night at my house while you are away. I have an Animal’s Room. This room has a few kennels, a tall cat tree, & different hiding places. This is where your cat will be housed while they are boarding with us. 

Dogs in the Home 

Please note that I do have dogs in the home. Your cat will not meet my dogs. My dogs do get along with cats but I choose not to mix the species. 

Safety is Most Important 

My #1 objective of each day is to give your pet a safe environment to rest & play. Your cat will enjoy the playroom while also being kept safe while you’re away. You will receive daily updates on how they are doing.  


What to Bring 

 Please transport your cat in a carrier when dropping them off. This will make the process go smoother. 
Bring one clean litterbox & scoop 

Bring food in resealable bag/container w/ meal directions

 A few small blankets if you have them


 Items Not Accepted 

Big bedding




Feline Care Prices

 Check here for prices.