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The event staff are a committee of hardworking artisans that are the backbone of Artist’s Bash. There are many responsibilities as Event Staff.


Event Staff will vend for free. The approval of your event staff application will be based on participation. You must follow the tasks given to you to vend for free at Artist’s Bash. We will have one on one meetings to discuss in detail what is needed. You will receive a contract explaining everything that we discuss & agree on.

To confirm your commitment to the event staff position, each member will pay a refundable $50 vendor fee within one week of acceptance. Once the tasks are completed throughout the following months before Artist’s Bash, you will receive the $50 fee back the day of event. If you do not complete the tasks given to you, you can still vend but you will not receive the vendor fee back.

If you change your mind & do not want to vend or be a staff member, you have until July 15 to receive 80% of your vendor fee back. After July 15, there will be no refunds.


Some of the tasks are but not limited to:

  • biweekly advertisement
  • In person meetings with other event staff members
  • Sharing digital flyers on social media
  • handout flyers
  • Making signs & dispersing them in neighborhoods
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Assist the kid tent & bounce house in shifts
  • Be available at 6:30am on event day to set up event OR tear down 6pm



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