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Here’s a little background on what I do! 

I have always had a deep passion & understanding for animal behavior. As a tomboy growing up, I would catch gardner snakes, play with my dogs, & inspect insects. I have had all types of critters as pets: frogs, chinchilla, dogs, cats, bearded dragon, chickens, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. I studied Animal Science at University of Arkansas. I dropped out after 2 years & started working in the animal shelter field. I really appreciated that job because it taught me more about what I do now - boarding, playgroups, & walks. 


Animals I Accept:

Caged Pets - I accept any caged animal for Board, Daycare, & Drop-Ins. Your caged pet will not meet my dogs or any other guest animals. They will have their cage & necessities set up in either our office or in our finished basement. We will discuss what you need to bring for each specific species. We have some supplies depending on the animal.

Cats - Guest cats will stay in the animal's room or office during their stay here. Guest cats will not meet any other guest or my two dogs. I know that different species need more time than a weekend to decompress & get used to each other. Therefore, I will keep your furbabies safe & content! 

Dogs - I accept all dog breed types. I accept most intact animals. Pets that are not fixed, are not potty trained/mark, & hump others, may be charged more than the common pup per night. Dogs must be at least 5 months old to attend our Daycare.


Services I Provide:

BOARD - Your pet stays overnight at my home. I have a fenced in backyard & two very friendly dogs. We spend a lot of time outside playing in the yard! All yard time is supervised & feeding done separately. Prices here. 

DAYCARE - Your dog is at my house just for the day, they don’t spend the night. A playgroup day! Your pup will be tired by the time they come home! Prices here.

WALK - I walk your pup outside for a certain amount of time. I can walk up to 4 dogs at one time. I walk for 20 mins, 30 mins, or 60 mins at a time. These walks will take place in your neighborhood. Prices here. As of 7/1/2023, I am full on weekly/monthly walks. However, I may still accept random walk needs.

CHECK/DROP IN - I come to your house & let your dog out in your fenced-in backyard. This service is not a walk. We only stay in your house property perimeter. This service also works well for cats that just need to be fed & litter cleaned. This service also works for caged animals that need cage cleans, fed, etc. We will discuss the care requirements of each visit. If you have multiple animals, that is perfectly fine, the price will be per visit, not per animal. Prices here. 

PET TAXI - I can transport your pet(s) to their appointments. Different ideas are vet clinic, groomers, daycare, etc. Click here for more info. 

POOP REMOVAL - I pick up dog waste in your front/backyard. Click here for more info. 

ALL NATURAL PET TREATS - We have many flavors like blueberry, pumpkin, peanut butter, etc. Our shapes are pupcakes, bones, & sweet potato bark.

BEHAVIOR TRAINING - I am not certified! I create behavioral plans with research & my knowledge of the canine species. My focus is Prevention Training. What habits & tools can you add to your pup's daily routine that will ease the negative behaviors? I want to be clear that I am not training the behavior out of your dog, just giving you a guide on prevention & intervening behaviors before they start. 

NAIL TRIM - I am still a beginner! This service includes me trimming your dog’s nails. Click here for more info.

BATH - I give your dog a bath at your/my house. Click here for more info.



Apps I Use:

Wag - this app is mainly for owners finding walks. Here’s the link to my profile!

Rover - this app is mainly for boarding & sittings. Here’s my link to my profile! Use my code for a discount. 

(Wag & Rover take 20% of all earnings. The prices you see on those profiles will differ from the prices when booking directly with me.)

DoTimely - DoTimely is the website/app that I use to book all services. We will discuss how DoTimely works during the Meet & Greet. 


🐶🐶Becoming a Pet Client🐶🐶

Step 1: We will set up a Meet & Greet with our pups. You will bring your dog(s) over to my house & we will meet in the backyard. My dogs are go-lucky pups. They understand & respect dog cues. My beagle Zeuss is more of a coexister. Carlo, my pitty, loves to play chase & wrestle. They get along with many different breeds & sizes of dogs. (They also get along with cats!!) 

If your dog(s) have never met mine, we must do a Meet & Greet before I provide any services. I do not charge for meet & greets! 

**Please note, no call no shows will be automatically denied of any future services I offer. I do not offer exceptions for this rule. 

Please send me your email & phone number to get started. I use a website provider called DoTimely. By becoming my pet client, you will:

- Receive a daily update with pics/videos on how your pet is doing in my care 

- GPS tracking on walks 

- automatic billing every Monday on DoTimely, website will send paid invoice to your email

- request service needs all online

- see all appointments on calendar


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