Pet Policies

Dynamic Pawz Pet Policy is subject to change as I grow my business. Thank you for booking with me!


Late Policy 

No call no show appointments will not be allowed to book services again. No exceptions.


Please arrive on time when dropping off, picking up, & Meet & Greets. My brother, Zmark, may assist with DO/PU. I currently do not have a late fee but please respect my time the same way I do yours!


Drop Off &Pick Up Hours

6AM-9AM &/or 4PM-7PM

These timeframes are put in place to assist with the flow of our Daycare.


I prefer that your pet be picked up by 7pm. There will be a $20 fee applied to all pick-ups after 8pm. Late pick-ups will not be accepted every time.


Booking Fee Policy

There is a $20 Booking Fee to secure spot for dates requested. This booking fee will be deducted from your final bill.


There is a +$10 Last Minute Boarding request fee for Board Requests made less than 2 days away from requested dates.


For 3+ dog households, booking fee must be 40% of total amount. 


Cancellation Policy

There will be no refunds on the $20 booking fee when you cancel. If I cancel on you, a full refund will be issued within 30 days of cancellation. 


For families that pay 40% or more of the total amount as their booking fee, you must cancel before 2 weeks of the dates requested to receive 50% of the booking fee back. You will receive refund within 30 days of cancellation.  


There will be no refunds issued for any service when you cancel less than 2 weeks before requested dates. 


IF you pay your booking ahead of time, more than a month in advance, & need to cancel, you will receive 80% of your booking fee back if you give me at least 30-days notice.


Pet Health Policy 

All animals during Meet & Greet will have a Health Check. When your pet arrives at my home, they will be thoroughly checked over for bugs, parasites, scabs/sores, etc. If I find anything, I will note that on the first day of boarding/daycare. When your pet leaves, they will have another Health Check. Any abnormalities will be noted & Pet Parent will be notified. Incidents can happen. I will always be honest with Parent about what takes place while your animal is in my care. Some pets are more prone to be home/car sick than others. Take it easy once you take your pet home from my house. They have had lots of different stimulations & interactions while they are here. Give them a few days to get accumulated when they finally go home.



Thank you for understanding these changes as I am evolving every month. My main goal is for your pets to be safe, comfortable, & happy!

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